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Please pull up a chair and take a look around on what we have on offer on this store.

We are uploading new goods to this Store at least once per week.

Angell Creations is allowed to Resale from these designer's Junkin Punkin, Resale Clipart and Three Little Ladys as she holds a Special License to be able to do this so please abide by the original designers terms of use. Angell Creations doesn't hold the copyright to these products.

Please remember only 20 product allowed in the shopping cart at any time. If you you add more then 20 products this will make the shopping cart crash.

If you got any questions about a product you can contact the store owners of this store or the designers personally. To find any designers email address read their terms of use or you can go to our Contacts Us Page and in a drop down list, you will find the designers listed. The only designer that will not be listed is Spiderdancer as she has passed away.

You can go to our Currencies Converter Page to see how much it is going to cost you can find it under More Information. Please remember this is only a guide on now much it is going to cost you.

We accept the following currencies:

Australian Dollar
Bulgarian Lev
Canadian Dollar
Croatian Kuna
Czech Koruna
Danish Krone
GB Pound
Hungarian Forint
Icelandic Krona
Mexican Peso
New Zealand Dollar
Polish Zloty
Romanian Leu
Russian Ruble
Swedish Krona
Swiss Franc
US Dollar

If you don't see your currency listed then you can email us to sort something out.

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